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Food, Drink, Family, Breckenridge, Snowshoeing, and an intense game of President were a few of my favourite things that went down. Lets just say it was a stellar first Christmas here. After the festivities, Drew and I decided to take our truck to do some winter camping. Sounds like a dumb idea- i know, however my husband got pretty pumped about it and built us a bed in the back with a space heater so we were set. There is nothing quite like carving your own tracks into a camp site deep into the woods. Still,quiet, with a slight eeriness of what animals home we just invaded. We camped around for a few days and took a day trip to Telluride! Didn't see Tom Cruise so we'll have to go back. Ending the trip in Gunnison for New Years we were all too excited for a shower and warm bed. It truly is the best feeling for me to be surrounded by forest for a week. Something about the blanket of snow and the complete peace that surrounds the winter season. It quiets you, makes you contemplate and listen to the smallest of noises. I used to think of it as a desolate season but it is quickly growing into the one that makes me grow the most. To whoever is reading, i hope you had a great Christmas season with the people that make you happy. I was lucky enough to feel the love. To my Canadian friends and family, you were missed! 

With Love

A Quote For A Season Hey Friends, 

2 Blog posts in one night?! Is that allowed?? I heard this quote a while back and i wanted to remember it for this season of life. Hopefully someone else can find it just as encouraging. 

 { Be  patient  with  yourself,  nothing  in  nature  blooms  all  year }



First Blog Post Wooo! Welcome to my first ever blog post! 

Before I go on and gush about my new camera, I should probably back it up a step and update you on the new and fun things of life. 
I moved from Winnipeg, Canada to Castle Rock, CO this past June. (whaaa 6 months already??) New dog, wedding, and country kinda blew the fun-o-meter, and it will be very hard to beat that. Transitions are yes, super awesome but at the same time extremely blah. It comes with the harshness of reality. New surroundings comes with the feeling of instability or insecurity. Don't get me wrong, I was still on cloud 9 but with little bits of sadness here and there when I missed people and places of familiarity. 

So what do you do when you legally cant work, go to school, drive, breathe. Just kidding breathing is allowed. 
I started to dig into the things that bring me joy and content, the things I've always wished I had time for when life was crazy busy. I started taking pictures again! I really did feel like it was a waste of my time because of my lack of equipment but little by little I googled. I googled and googled and tried to do whatever I could to compensate my lack of equipment with more of a mental understanding of photos and all that comes with it. (and trust me I have a long way to go) Now having just got a new camera for early Christmas from my wonderful husband,  I am SO thankful and really appreciate it that much more.

So cheers to all of you who read this, I hope you have an amazing holiday season with lots of reasons to be thankful and inspired.